Lianne Williams

Portrait Artist & Illustrator

Lianne Williams

portrait artist & illustrator

Lianne Williams Portrait Artist

Lianne Williams is a portrait artist and illustrator from Kent in the UK.

Working in coloured pencil, graphite, ink and watercolour Lianne creates powerful realistic portraits of women (mainly) focusing on personality, self expression and identity. Her work frequently features abstract elements, glitter and rhinestone embellishments, and takes influence from nature, flora and fauna, science, cosmetics, beauty, fashion and costume design.

Lianne exhibits her artwork locally & internationally and has completed many commissions for individuals and independent brands. She's also been featured in Colored Pencil Magazine and Crafty Creatives. Please email for a full CV, Media Kit or client feedback. A digital/physical portfolio is available upon request.

Lianne currently lives in Kent along with her young family, wears a lot of red lipstick and enjoys nature foraging, beachcombing, science and collecting perfume and gemstones.