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Legend has it....

...that before I started making Art for a living, I worked in the film industry and was once Cate Blanchette's stand in for a test shoot.

That film degree really came in useful then.

Luckily though, the decades spent renovating collapsing, inhabitable properties that stank of wet, dead, dog allowed me the free time to pursue more important matters, such as how to get acrylic paint out of my daughters carpet NOW and hide my ever growing picture frame addiction under the bed, and its all lead me to where I am today… A freelance artist and blogger, working alongside family life, trying frantically to convince my logical self that this is completely achievable without copious glasses of wine!

Being mainly self taught, I am a huge advocate of building the confidence, both creatively and professionally, of ALL creatives, established and emerging, and when I’m not creating my own artwork I am passing on advice, tutorials and anything else I can offer to other artists with the goal of getting their own art Online and selling their first pieces of Art. And that includes you Mr. I Cant Draw and Miss. I Wish I Could Do That. 

I believe everyone can do what I do and I can prove it.

Beyond art you'll find me beach combing, foraging, and lurking by the fireplace at my home in Kent, rifling through my collections of perfumes, gem stones, costume pieces and makeup looking for inspiration.