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Chocolate Art & A Happy Easter

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News Flash: I am a HUGE foodie

So I’ll take any excuse to indulge my tastebuds and this Easter was no exception.

I was treated to an amazing Easter egg by Mr. W and I really can’t stress how incredible it was.

Not only was it a massive, hand crafted, hand painted artisan chocolate egg covered in splashes of metallic paint, with a box of caramel ganache chocolates by my favourite chocolatier Paul A. Young, only 30 of them were made IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

It was a limited edition piece of art, chocolate art. I couldn’t believe it. I felt SO special. 

Breaking it nearly broke my heart... For about a second... because I was gonna eat this bad boy.

The chocolate itself was dark and rich but naturally sweet, so it was almost fruity or honey like. I can’t quite describe it and it certainly grabbed my attention. I’ve not had anything quite like it. Clean and smooth, as expected for a high quality chocolate, I actually felt like I was eating something healthy!

Considering the £75 price tag (don’t, just don’t. I DID wonder why Mr W looked sheepish) it bloody well should taste nice... and probably make my hair extra shiny and let me live another ten years longer in the process but y’kno... chocolate like this doesn’t fall from the sky and it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.  A special memory was created. I felt like I was eating chocolate made for a princess. And I will happily spend money supporting unique culinary talents like Paul, and his colleagues, who make the world just a little bit sweeter with their very special chocolates.

Plus I fucking hate Cadbury’s so... win win

Easter itself was fairly low key. We were treated to a delicious Thai lunch created by my sister-in-law that included Tom Yum Kah, Prawn rice rolls with a Tamarind and peanut dipping sauce, ‘Son-in-law’ Kai loug khueh eggs and pork dim sum. 


Piyanut gave me her recipe for the tamarind sauce so I'm going to have to give the rolls a go. I’ve been making her Tom Yum Gai for years- a recipe that rivalled Nahm’s in London (a Michelin star Thai restaurant which is now sadly closed) so I trust her implicitly. Thai food is just The Best.

We finished with a classic Easter egg hunt for the kids around the house trying to avoid the typically miserable weather and make the most of the long weekend.

Today we’ve tidied the garden, put on the fire and having roast chicken for lunch.  Weekends like this are true bliss. You can feel the energy bubbling beneath the surface outside, ready to spring into life over the next few weeks. I’ll be planting potatoes very soon. I’ve got some purple ones I’m very excited about. Yes. I’m thinking about food again. But don’t you feel that food really defines events like Halloween, Christmas and Easter?

As a non-Christian, and someone who acknowledges the seasons and equinox instead, Easter represents to me very simply the beginning of the end of winter and the freedom to be a little more generous with food and energy. We can celebrate and come out of hibernation, start preparing for the influx of new life that happens in spring and start making plans for the summer. Chocolate eggs make perfect sense to me (sweet new life, obviously) so I don’t support this idea going around at the moment that Easter is losing it’s meaning. If anything it’s become more MORE meaningful to me. I like the new traditions coming through. I LIKE how personal Easter has become for me. If anything I wonder if Easter is just returning to what it should be about- something that connects with the heart.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter break