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Welcome to Just Lianne, my new personal blog project. A tribute to old school blogs where people blogged to journal their lives and interests, and not just to sell something or collect email addresses.

This blog will replace most of the categories I’d recently added to my art blog such as life news, home and style. I’ve loved sharing some more personal bits of my life with you all so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole new blog to it. As you can see I am in the process of transferring those posts over to here. My art blog will now remain focused on art and illustration to support my business, but here I will share everything else and just be Me.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and it has always been an important way for me to connect with myself and others. Even though Just Lianne is hosted on the same domain as my artwork I am essentially treating it as a completely independent blog with its own voice and style, so expect something different and personal. I hope to focus on what I get up to over the next year, whilst on maternity leave, and explore my other interests beyond portrait art.

The current blogging climate is very different to what I fell in love with and I’ve decided that as much as I need to work with creative brands and share my content online in a professional sense, I also desperately want a place where I can play about and share whatever I want, however I want, without the pressures of providing flawless photography and carefully planned SEO or affiliate links. 

I just want to write.

There is an element of personal growth going on here and getting to know myself beyond my role as artist, wife and mother. This blog is going to be rough and ready but authentic. Primarily it’s for Me. There’s this mantra at the moment where bloggers are supposed to come up with content purely to please their readers and serve their needs. Just Lianne, isn’t going to do that. It’s going to be a rebel. You might love it. You might hate it.

I’m cool with that either way.   

If you wish to receive updates on both blogs you will need to follow both separately as they have their own RSS feeds. There are ‘follow blog’ sign up buttons at the bottom of each blog post on each blog, where you can do that. My art blog is here

One thing I’ve noticed about the blogging community is that it’s become very self focused. It’s all about who’s reading your blog and getting attention for yourself rather then reading other people’s stuff or making strong connections with people. Where have the people who read blogs for fun gone? Do you know what I mean? Nobody is prepared to give anymore without expecting the world in return and I don’t understand that. If you don’t read blogs why should anyone read yours? So yeah, I hope this blog will connect with anyone who’s looking for genuinely interested readers and interesting blogs to read in return without the whole follow train nonsense.

I’m not playing games here.

It’s just not the right place for it. I need something different to all that, something I’m familiar with. And I’ll be supporting and showcasing other blogs that follow similar principles in an attempt to preserve those old-school beliefs that made blogging so unique & intimate in the first place.

If that interests you stick around and share your blog below with a bit about what you blog about. I’ll be honest... I’m only going to read what genuinely interests me, but someone else might see your comment and be thrilled to find you. So share away. I won’t be checking each blogs content to police it but if you’re a very heavy sponsored post/affiliate link blog with an obvious focus on selling things or a sales funnel then you’re not going to fit in here and I politely request you leave us to it. Obviously I’m not going to ban you if you’ve got a few affiliate links or whatever (you hustle away!!!) but the emphasis of your blog should be strongly on writing, sharing and journaling. There are PLENTY of communities for professional bloggers but I want this space to be reserved  for the rest of us.

I am very interested to see where this might lead.