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My Happiness Project: MAY, Food

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Ironically I've just recovered from food poisoning so what will a month of Food Happiness bring?

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I’m hoping a lot of delicious food!

Following on from last month where I’m getting in touch with my body again it seems logical, and right, to support it from the inside out and the Universe doesn’t like to disappoint! I’ve been learning a lot!

So far this month I’ve had food poisoning (a reminder to take better care of my food choices), I discovered I will be going to one of my favourite restaurants on Earth this October to celebrate my 10th Wedding Anniversay, Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, my potatoes are growing like crazy, as are my raspberries and strawberries. I’ve broken up with my first true love, pasta, and I’ve signed up to Gousto to try out their recipe boxes.

How foody can one month get?

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This months quote is: 

Eat better. Feel better.

And I hope it helps. Food is fundamental to my happiness. I can’t see food as fuel. I see food as fun. I like the social, healing, surprising sides of food. I like finding new flavour combinations, new herbs, new ingredients. I’m fascinated by the different varieties of say apples or tomatoes that you can get but never see in the supermarket. Wild food fascinates me too- finding wild samphire was a pretty special moment and I just so happened to discover wild garlic for the first time in my life earlier this month too, which id been looking for, for years. 

Show Stoppers

There is something very special about a dish that impresses, a show stopper. Something that goes the extra mile. This month I want to take extra care over my presentation and pushing the boat out when it comes to food theatrics. I've treated the house to some new dinnerware and outdoor dinnerware. It's nice to have some pretty ceramics to work with.

Make my favourites

In our family we have a nut allergy and a gluten intolerance so there are many things I love that I have been avoiding for years to ensure others are happy. It hasn't crossed my mind until recently that maybe I could make those things just for me? An apple pie? Nutella brownie? 

Cook for Others

When I first set up home with my husband, then boyfriend, I dreamt of having friends over for semi-civilised dinner parties with lots of interesting food and drink. It never happened. And since moving house to a much smaller dining room which desperately needs new a new table and chairs, I've not had the confidence to invite anyone round. So job number one: Order a new dining table and some chairs!

No Waste

Waste has been haunting me these past few years. My family LOVE to go food shopping and buy all this stuff and then never eat it. It clogs up our cupboards, our freezer and then starts to take over the counters until it reaches it's use-by date or gets in my way one too many times and I chuck it. I also have issues with portion control, not as bad as their food shopping issues but ykno, when I cook rice or pasta I'll be cooking enough to feed you, your mum, your mums neighbour and your mums neighbours brother. And I hate it. I really hate it. And a lot of the stuff you can't even freeze or if your house is anything like me house, there's not enough room in the freezer to put it even if you wanted to. So this month I've been REALLY good. The cupboards and freezer have been gutted. We have a menu and signing up to Gousto has meant I'm reducing our waste considerably and nobody is going hungry and impulse shopping for snacks. I've also looked into setting up a compost bin for stuff that can be recycled. 

Start Fresh

Signing up to Gousto has been an absolute ball. I LOVE it. It's like looking at a restaurant menu, picking what you want to eat and then they send you the ingredients and you make it yourself. I have done some crazy cooking techniques this month that I would never of had the guts to try if it wasn't for Gousto and my children have become so excited and involved with the cooking. Plus, because they've cooked it, they eat it. Even if it's typically something they'd hate. Most importantly, it's all cooked from fresh. We've reduced our eating out and take-away habits almost to zero which, in my opinion, is excellent, and means we have more money to spend on important things. Like wine. We're spending so much less on our food shopping too as a) the portions are massive and dinner is providing enough food for lunch the next day and b) you only buy the ingredients you need- no massive jars of chipotle sitting in the cupboard. I didn't intend to talk too much about it, but it turns out I've really enjoyed using them and I just so happen to have a refer a friend code, so if you fancy giving Gousto a go yourself, why not treat yourself to a 50% discount on your first two orders. And I don't miss out either. I get a £15 voucher to put towards my own Gousto- win win. Just click below and you can see what they're about and what's on the menu this week.

Goal: Remember the pleasure of cooking and eating again. Be mindful of what I eat and who I eat it with.