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My Happiness Project: March, 'Spring Clean'

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Spring is here and it's time for a tidy up!

During the past two months of Self Care and Connecting with Others I realised that organisation and feeling uncluttered was imperative to my happiness and serenity, as well as my creativity.

'Keep only what sparks joy'

I’ve been tackling essential areas since before Christmas because the house had slowly become a complete tip during pregnancy, and I can’t stand the maintenance clutter requires. I know that if I organise it now, take the extra work out of putting it all away, it’ll make life so much easier for me (and I won’t be embarrassed having guests over, let alone clients or maybe even art group members if I ever find the confidence to stretch myself that far).

I wouldn’t say I’m particularly house proud but yeah, I hate visual clutter and I've been known to purge a boyfriends bedroom once or twice when it got beyond filthy.

Nobody else seems to notice things piling up at home though so it’s this constant battle between everyone leaving stuff out and me cramming it back into drawers again. I've tried to make spaces for everything and this is the best way of dealing with it but if it's only me who uses those spaces, or even cares, then the house quickly becomes claustrophobic. Which then blocks me. Not to mention. I make mess. I make a LOT of mess. And it’s hard tidying that up as well as everyone else’s.

I also like to know what I have lying about in drawers and boxes to make sure I use everything. I have buyers guilt. You know that feeling when you buy something and don’t use it enough or at all? A good spring clean is intensely healing and rejuvenating. I’ve been craving one for some time and now I've had my baby and the children are moving bedrooms it’s a perfect time to get stuck in.


Konmari is the Japanese Art of Tidying Up, a festival of Tidying that takes your through every possession you own and teaches you to only keep what Sparks joy. I’ve done it before but it needs a maintenance check up- especially as I need to engage 4 other people in the process who aren’t Konmari converts like me. I need to encourage everyone to take a moment and clarify their stuff. I too need the opportunity to sit with my things and reassess if they still spark joy. I’ve been massively inspired by Project 333 so that will feature this month too in one way or another. 

Pass on the skills

Konmari or a spring clean can only achieve so much unless everyone within that spaces starts to respect the changes that have been made so this time I want to put extra effort into passing on the skills of housework and self care to my children. I don't know how cooperative they'll be but they're old enough now to at least understand they won't be getting away with it for much longer, and not only that, a clean and tidy house is a NICE thing to have.

Prepare and Invest

By preparing to be organised I’ll help myself succeed, so by this I mean make sure I’ve got enough bin bags, boxes for stuff I can recycle or sell on, and a skip if need be. Luckily I think most of the stuff that needs to be got rid of will be paper goods or small items that can be resold. I just need to make sure I have the space to store them or dispose of things before they get in my way. I also need to invest in the right furniture and storage. Having a place for everything makes life so much easier and straight forward. You don’t need to shoe horn an item into an already cluttered space- you just put it back and that’s that.  

Fresh Flowers

One of my Christmas presents was an annual subscription to Bloom & Wild flowers which I absolutely love. Fresh flowers delivered through my post box every month. And they’re so pretty. Fresh flowers are a final touch to the home which suggests completion and organisation. When I’ve got fresh flowers out it says that I’ve got everything under control and I’m giving myself a bit of a treat- whether it’s true doesn’t matter. Fresh flowers also remind me that winter is nearly over and life is going to begin returning to the garden. That there is life outside of the home I've been confined too for so long.

Take Pride in the Results

I'm going to take photos and admire my hard work. I’ve always struggled with interior design and making a welcoming home environment, so I hope I can teach myself something new this month and impress myself a bit. 

My Goal:

Peace happens when you can let go of things that no longer serve you, mentally or materially.