Lianne Williams

Many thanks to all the individuals who have contributed their feedback below.

Indiana- UK Top 20 singer and musician 'Wow, this is incredible. I am so flattered you have drawn me. You are so talented' (the artwork was then used as her profile picture on social media).
Riven- Artist and Teacher 'I remember when I met you at the Sun Pier art market I was fascinated by your work. I had not encountered anyone that used coloured pencils before. You were incredibly patient and helpful and inspired me to try them for myself. You were a joy to meet and have been consistently helpful and kind. I am glad I can now call you a friend as well as an influence to me and my own work.'
Khandie Khisses- International Burlesque Star 'I bloody love it. Adorns my living room wall!'
Charlie- Artist and Client 'You've always been a huge help to me art wise and a massive inspiration. So kind, always happy to help out and give advice and I got your Britney picture that I absolutely adore and is so beautifully drawn and decorated.'
Maly Siri- Pinup Artist 'Lovely sketch of my Vivienne Westwood, Naughty Alice pinup'
Gayle- Commission Client 'Just wanted to say thanks again for doing the three pictures. They love them'