Lianne Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to create/draw/paint/make....

Check out this blog post: Everything I use to create my artwork

Do you review Art Products or Art Books?

I do! Check out my reviews here. Got something it mind that you'd like me to consider reviewing? Get in touch

Did you go to Art School?

I studied Fine Art A-Level and have a BA Media Arts which was a mix of digital skills, film making/theory and video art.

How do you take your photos?

I mainly use my iPhone and SLR (Canon 450d).

Do you ship internationally?

I do. Please note that I am based in the UK so artwork can only be shipped with acrylic glazing for safety purposes. Please check out the delivery and returns page or contact me for further details.

Where do you find your frames?

My frames are custom made or shop bought depending on the project.

How do I draw that?

Check out my many tutorials, walk-through's and speed drawings.

Do you Provide Certificates of Authenticity for your Original Artwork?

Yes, original artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity if requested.

Oh No! I think someone has stolen you work/sharing it without credit. What should I do?

Get in touch via my contact page with URL details and screenshots of the problem. If you can, feel free to tag me or credit me anyway you can in the content/post/tweet to make the person aware the work is copyright to Lianne Williams. You are not obliged to get involved but your assistance is appreciated.

What inspires you?

Patterns and texture in nature, abstract art, theatrical and stage costuming, cosmetics, fashion, identity and feminism. Curiosity cabinets, magic, myth and folklore, perfumes, fungi, flora, fauna, gemstones. Science and chemistry. The night sky. Pinup art. Burlesque, hooping, fire dancing, aerial dancing. Miniature art.

Who are your favourite artists?

Wendy Ortiz, Bec Winnel, Gerhard Richter, Brian Froud, Shirley Trevena, Ann Blockley, Maly Siri, Tracy Lewis, Dita Von Teese, Chris Herrera, Elizabeth Gilbert, among others.

Could you work for free/work for charity/work for no money up front?

In short, no. I will consider a handful of charity projects each year but I generally approach THEM first and I ONLY support charities I personally care about.

Can you draw Me?

Yes! I take commissions! Head over to my commissions section and fill in my enquiry form with all the details I need to know about your project.