Lianne Williams


commissions status: closed, maternity leave

Every year I accept a handful of clients who challenge me to make a whole variety of artwork's from conceptual portraits, photorealistic pieces, personal gifts for special occasions, illustrations and more.

Creatively I am drawn to projects that allow me to explore mixed media portrait making that captures the individuality, magic and self expression of women across the world. Colourful, beauty, cosmetic, fantasy and pin-up projects are particular favourites but I can also create sophisticated, timeless, black and white pieces in a traditional style.  

If this interests you & you're looking to work with me then please fill in the following form so I can assess your needs and give you the best possible service. My commission terms and conditions can be viewed here so you have an idea about what's involved and if you're still not sure why not have a look at my feedback. I have a wide variety of happy clients.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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