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What would Dita do? Free Artwork

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When in doubt, I ask myself 'What Would Dita Do?'

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Dita Von Teese is one of those women that has stuck around in my life one way or another for years, inspiring me endlessly with not only her grace and style, but her talent, creativity and charm.

I remember the first time I lay eyes on her book 'Burlesque and The Art of the Teese' and being absolutely captivated by the beautiful photographs and costumes inside. That heady, fantastical mix of femininity, sexuality, dance and rhinestones had me hooked and from then on I was a huge fan. 

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Something about that world struck a chord with me. The style, the cheekiness, the glamour, the confidence.

These past few years have been difficult for me in one way or another and they don't plan on getting easier. Life is going to be hard for the next few months and I'm relying on all the skills I've learnt over the years to keep me feeling positive and most importantly creative. And that's where Dita comes in.

I've never seen a woman hold herself with so much poise and kindness through tough times and her attitude towards life and womanhood fascinates me. So anytime I feel lost or hopeless I ask myself:

What would Dita do? 

And sometimes it is a case of putting on your best outfit and spritzing on perfume. Other times its about indulging in a bubble bath and showing yourself some tender love and care. Other times I might do Pilates, or treat myself to a meal out. Other times I want to laugh and swear like a sailor with my close friends. Sometimes all I need is a good set of lingerie and a pair of sunglasses. Really. It works for me.

If it works for you and you ask yourself 'What would Dita do?' feel free to download my little illustration that I've got loaded up in my resource library right now. And do check out some of Dita Von Teeses performances. They're iconic and a huge source of inspiration to me and my art.