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That time I covered my laptop in rhinestones

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Rhinestone covered sparkly laptop.jpg

I LOVE a bit of sparkle!

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And where I’ve recently been dabbling in my long forgotten dream of being a costume designer I’ve collected a large number of gorgeous rhinestones that were just dying to be used.

Not having the skills (or occasion) to make something fabulous to wear with them (yet), I decided to do the next best thing and start covering my worldly possessions with them.

First up was my dowdy grey laptop. Denied the designer glamour of an iMac, my Acer was in dire need of a makeover so I gathered some supplies and got to work.

Rhinestone covered sparkly laptop 7.jpg

Starting from the middle I created a dense mandala of different coloured jewels covering most of my laptop case.

It took several days of solid work and I dread to think how many crystals were used. I mostly used 3-5mm in solid and AB colours (AB are those iridescent ones) and the occasional large rhinestone, applying each one by hand with a pair of tweezers and a dab of crystal glue. (All easily found online or from craft shops) 

The glue itself doesn't appear to be dissimilar to PVA but it has very good adhesive qualities so I'm hoping my little (hah) project will last for many months to come. I used Gem-Tac which you can find below.

At times I started to go cross eyed! This was NOT a small endeavour. But WOW... so much fun!

As I got towards the end and had covered the majority of my casing, I decided to leave some areas clear so the design could breath a bit towards the edges.

I included a border to finish it off and give it a definitive 'frame' and then left it for several days to dry thoroughly.

Rhinestone covered sparkly laptop 8.jpg

You can’t help but grin when you see it.

Did I mention it catches the light too and sends rainbow sparkles out across the room?

Why yes it does! 

Rhinestone covered sparkly laptop 2.jpg

My favourite feedback came from a friends 7 year old daughter, who up to that point had been a sweet quiet little thing, until she saw my laptop: ‘That’s the most amazing thing I’ve EVER SEEEEEEN’. (Her eyes properly glinting with awe).

Rhinestone covered sparkly laptop 9.jpg

Now THAT, ladies and gentleman, is the feedback every creative wants to hear.