Product Review: Prima Watercolor Confections Tropicals Palette

Prima watercolor confections tropicals palette

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Product Review: Prima Watercolor Confections: Tropicals

Today I want to show you my new 12 watercolour pan set palette that I bought from Prima, called Watercolors Confections, the Tropicals collection.

Prima Watercolor Confections paint palette tropicals 5.jpg

I've seen these collections about online a couple of times (they seem popular with illustrators) but I never felt compelled to try them as I've been really happy with my current paints. There are a number of different palettes within the Watercolor Confections range each with different colours, but one of the blue shades in the Tropicals collection was recommended to me and I wanted to see how it looked for myself.

The set itself arrived in this pretty cardboard box showing the range of colours and inside was the main black palette tin that the paints come pre-wrapped in. They look and feel like a quality set of paints so I can see why they're popular. There's also a swatching card which I thought was a great idea, so I immediately got all the paints unwrapped and gave it a go.

I went through each colour, wetted it and sampled a deep shade and a wash just to get an idea of pigment, tone, opacity and any granulation. Each colour is numbered rather then named but I think it would be easy enough to match them up to classic pigments.

At first I felt the colours in this range were fairly standard. Nothing particularly interesting or special. But then I got to the bottom row and the fun colours appeared.

I then realised the potential of these palettes- they're really limited and concise... literally all you need to paint with is ONE of these palettes. It's portable, lightweight, sturdy. The colours are diverse enough to get a huge range of mixing options.

They're just really good quality, small, affordable palettes.

I was particularly excited by 19, 20 and 23 and will be adding those to my permanent collection.

Prima Watercolor Confections paint palette tropicals 7.jpg

Rather then investing in a larger palette selection and only using a few shades, or spending months trying to find and collect your own individual pans, these collections are GREAT for serious beginners who want all the quality of artist grade paints, with the diversity and beauty of colours that can be achieved with a complimentary palette selection, but without the cost and time spent researching all that themselves.

How many watercolour palettes do I have? How many shades have I bought and they've just not worked? LOTS. These cut out all the hard work!

So in my opinion, this is an excellent palette. Everything flatters and mixes with each other and most importantly for me, it contains both those natural basic shades but also the fun ones too.

Prima Watercolor Confections paint palette tropicals 10.jpg