Pocket Art, Portrait Drawing by Miss Led aka Joanna Henly

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Covering the core skills required for Portrait Drawing, Miss Led's new book is a concise but authoritative guide to drawing portraits.

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I'm a portrait artist.

Drawing faces is kind of my thing, yet I was pretty impressed to discover that Portrait Drawing by Miss Led aka one of my favourite illustrators on Earth, Joanna Henly, STILL provided a hefty dose of new tips and tricks that helped clarify a number of problem areas I had. 

Facial proportions: Ah I see.

Drawing noses: THANK YOU JOANNA.

Hair: YES!

Compared to the weighty tome's of Andrew Loomis which can take days to read (let alone put into action), Joanna's book is small, sweet and you can implement her techniques immediately.

I'm not going to lie. One of the main reasons I got the book was because I wanted to see some more of Miss Led's beautiful work and the book doesn't disappoint. Look out for the Lewis Hamilton illustration which I particularly liked and some classic Miss Led work which certainly emphasises her skill and knowledge in this tricky subject area.

And not to forget. I was delighted to win a giveaway of the original artwork that graces the front cover.

I have followed Joanna's work for YEARS. I think she might have been one of the first illustrators I even followed. Her work is, and remains, second to none, so to actually possess some of her original work is VERY cool.

(Thank you Joanna!)

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If Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing grabs your interest you may also want to keep your eyes peeled for Miss Led's new book coming out in August 2018 too, Pocket Art: Figure Drawing, which you can pre-order below: