My FREE The Artist's Way Worksheets

Are you about to do The Artist's Way?

Then you might want to check out my free handy dandy printable worksheets which are designed to set out your weekly tasks clearly and make completing all those challenges a bit easier.

Simply head click the link above or on one of the images to begin your download.

What will you get?

I created these a few years ago to help myself through Julia Cameron's course and found them so helpful I decided to offer them for free on my website so anyone can use them.

Used alongside the book you simply print off the workbook and fill it in each week with your answers to the tasks.

I personally found this a bit easier then working in a note book as I could see what I needed to complete each week in advance and all the spaces/boxes were already drawn out for me so all I needed to do was focus on filling it all in.

The workbook is around 60 pages long (file size 915KB) with 'Check-In and New Exercise pages which you can print out multiple times if required. It's all minimalist and in black & white to help conserve ink too. Simply download the pdf. file and print.

Good luck and enjoy your worksheets!