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Introducing my new personal blog, Just Lianne

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Introducing my new personal, old school, casual blog, Just Lianne

In an attempt to organise the content of this website a little better I’ve created a new blog within my site called Just Lianne which will act as my personal lifestyle blog featuring everything that isn't purely art related. This will include my Happiness Project posts and a whole bunch of other topics that I don't think are at home on my art blog. Check it out HERE to see what I mean...

Things are changing right now.

I'm at a creative crossroads.

I don’t know if I’ll continue working as an artist and whilst I'm still effectively on maternity leave I wanted the space to switch off, remember who I am as a person as well as a creative and try new things. After blogging about this for a few months within my existing art blog I decided I needed a separate space to do that. I recognise a lot of people come here just for my art content and I didn't want to make it any more confusing then it has to be. So I decided to create Just Lianne. A blog that's more intimate, more casual and more old school.

I want to blog like I used to, back in 2003, when I could just upload a post with no pretty photos or a care in the world about SEO or domain authority. Where I could write for me, and explore the full breadth of my interests. I'm not going to lie. I am doing this for myself. You're welcome to join me for the ride but I've got to do this. I'm being called.

So now there are two blogs. My existing art blog, which I will continue to post on and Just Lianne. If you want to subscribe to have the posts emailed to you, you will need to subscribe to each blog individually- they both have separate RSS feeds. To do that simply go to the blog you want to follow, scroll down until you see a 'follow blog posts' button (they're at the bottom of every post) and follow the instructions from there. Otherwise I will be promoting content from both blogs on my social media and newsletter so look out for it there.

Who knows what this will evolve in to?