How to draw a Photorealistic Eye in Graphite

My FREE course on How to Draw in Photorealism

Hi everyone! I am so excited today to bring you my updated version of my classic drawing course: how to draw a photorealistic eye in graphite. 

This 23 page tutorial takes you on a draw along with me, Lianne Williams, as I guide you through all the techniques and skills you need to know to create a photorealistic drawing. Doesn't that sound amazing?

It is! I swear!

Suitable for complete beginners I provide you with your own reference and I cover everything from layering graphite to plotting, how to figure out negative space and how to apply constructive criticism to your work to help you improve next time. I have poured all my knowledge into making this course and it's bursting with valuable tips, tricks and guidance.

First published in 2013 this is now a classic in my resources and to this day I still refer people back to it as a great starting point for anyone who wants to achieve that highly detailed and realistic effect that photorealism and graphite can offer.

If you can draw this, i believe you will be able to draw ANYTHING. And is completely FREE.

drawing a photorealistic eye in graphite art tutorial with Lianne Williams

Today is special because this is the first time I've offered this course in the format of an easy to download PDF eBook! You can now keep a copy to hand forever and even print it if you wish! 

If you're ready to get started head over to my Resource Library to access your free copy of the drawing course today!

Don't forget to tell me how you get on and share with me your finished artwork either. 

Good luck!