Happy Artists and Living Your Best Creative Life

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There’s this phrase floating around right now which I really love, and it’s often given as a compliment.

Someone will appear looking relaxed, glowy, on their A-game... they’ll be celebrating their latest success, their latest life milestone surrounded by beautiful, happy, loving people... and someone will whisper ‘wow, they’re living their ‘Best Life aren’t they?’ .

Living their Best Life.

Ugh. Love that.

I began thinking about what My Best Life would look like to me. What I’d look like, where I’d live, my career, who’d be around me and of course one thing led to another and I coined a phrase that seemed very powerful to me: ‘Best Creative Life’ #bestcreativelife

The idea that I could combine a Best Life with Creativity sounded beyond intriguing. It asked so many questions.

What would YOUR best creative life look to you? What are you making? Where do you make? Who owns your creations? How does your life and art flow together. Why are you so content? How did you achieve all this?

Very important questions. 

Instinctively, I think, this is what I’ve been trying to decide for myself over the past few years. I’ve been unravelling all the messages about what it means to be an artist, a woman, a mother, a wife and put together some version that fits me best. Many things didn’t work. Many, many, many things. But like with all things of a spiritual nature these lessons came in spirals and once I’d processed pain, or grief, or guilt, a healing would happen and I’d be inspired to try again and see what I could attempt next.

Over time I’ve grown. Not better, but stronger. More decisive. More confident. Over time I’ve begun filtering out the harmful messages thrown our way as creatives, and especially as women, and learning that there IS a place for me in this world, like there is most definitely for you, that is happy, productive, abundant, acknowledged, confident and at peace. And definitely not bored to death, suffering or redundant.

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I guess the key message I want to pass on to other creatives the most is that it’s great that you have passion for your creativity, that’s WONDERFUL, but if it puts your health or even your life at risk, it’s not worth it.

That’s NOT okay.

It never, ever has been okay and anyone who suggests you should suffer for your art, abuse, neglect or harm yourself for ‘inspiration‘, emotionally torment yourself or sacrifice everything you have including your own dignity for creative notoriety is plainly a dangerous person and should be swiftly removed from your social circle. Like, immediately. Even artists who tap into deep painful memories as inspiration for their art use their creativity to HEAL and get better, NOT destroy themselves.

I dont know about you but I don’t think Artists exist to make a few good paintings and then live in misery or die or horrible premature death. It doesn’t even make sense. Sure it was trendy once, but so was smoking. And we can all agree that went down the toilet once we realised it was killing us. Let’s do the same with the starving artist mentality and flush it down the loo for good, where it belongs.

Art is the ice in your drink, the candles on the cake, the salt on your chips. It just makes things better. And in the words of Lilla Rogers- ‘People buy your joy’.

So today I invite you to tap into that joy and start figuring out how to live your own Best Creative Life. Why not download my little workbook below to get you started? I’ve put it in the Resource Library for you.

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Happiness, and happy artists, healthy artists, hard working artists, productive artists, friendly, kind artists, strong artists, healing artists, are INFINITELY inspiring and will always find an audience for their work.

This post is a submission for the GESSO: Primed Creatives blogging challenge.