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Getting organised with Dorkface blog planner stickers

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At school, I was NOT organised

It was probably because if you looked beneath the surface I was clearly unhappy and had lost all faith & interest in the education system, so being organised was the least of my problems, but as an adult it still surprised me that I had a natural talent for organisation.

I now have a bit of a reputation for it... I’m not a control freak- I organise and plan to enhance my enjoyment of life, NOT micromanage it.

Sure I have a label maker.

Sure I write lists.

Sure I arrived at the alter exactly on the last chime of 12:00pm on my wedding day (a lady needs to make an impact though right?)...

But I don’t have precisely laid out drawers or collapse in tears if I’m late. I’m WAY too lazy for that.

I embrace creative chaos and I’m happy to deviate from the schedule when we’re on holiday if something more fun crops up.

Planning and organisation does not limit me, it allows me to achieve MUCH more.

And everyone knows Lianne will be the one with a pencil sharpener in her bag or knows the exact restaurant to go to when you’re in a new city (and has probably already booked a table for 6:30pm).

It's rewarding. It's worth the effort.

What makes the experience a WHOLE lot quicker and easier (because I’d much rather be living then listing) are pre-printed stickers for all those repetitive headings. It’s also a super simple way to make your planner or diary clearer, easier to read and just nicer to look at! If your handwriting isn’t particularly pretty or you need to cover something up they’re a perfect solution and there’s so many styles, phrases and sizes available.

Just peel one off, stick it down, and your done. 

I introduced you briefly to Jemma of Dorkface recently when I did a portrait of her but when she’s not being my muse her real day job is making all these creative stationary products and illustrations. Including a range of planner stickers.

Aren’t they fab?

This is just a snippet of her full product range which you can check out in her shop HERE.

As well as your classic ‘Remember’ and ‘To Do’ headings she also does these very handy blog-focused stickers so if you’re like me and frequently need reminding to check comments or schedule in a Twitter chat, these are great for planning those.

She also does them in a variety of colour combos. I got the pink, grey and rainbow sets. 

I know what you're thinking.

You could try printing your own stickers. Just whip them up on the computer and print them out at home right? Well trust me. I've tried it an unless you're prepared to spend a lot of time and money getting the things to work AND cutting the evil things out I highly recommend buying them instead, since they’re so affordable (of course)

Make life easier for yourself.

Buy some planner stickers and get organised! You won't regret it. And if you do, well at least your planner will look colourful and pretty!