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Artist Feature: Kelly Hughes at My Fair Pixel

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Look what I won from Kelly Hughes at My Fair Pixel!

Kelly Hughes is one of my latest favourite artists/illustrators, creating a mix of abstract, illustrative work with a strong witchy-vibe, which I LOVE, so imagine my delight when I won a giveaway she was hosting to pick 3 of her gorgeous prints from her Etsy shop?! I was over the moon! Pun intended.

So here's what I went for and why. Let's take a look at her gorgeous artwork:

My first pick was this classic star sign illustration featuring my sun sign, Cancer. I've really got into my space and star gazing knowledge recently so I was obviously drawn to this piece and it's simplicity.

I find that Cancerians aren't celebrated too much compared to other star signs because y'know, the C-word and the fact we're crabs... it's just not an easy star sign to make look pretty, but I love Kelly's interpretation of it and her other designs could make great birthday gift ideas for others. I was tempted to get one for my 3rd born, due this Christmas, but because I'm not sure WHEN exactly he'll be born I couldn't risk it. So I got one for myself instead. HAHA!

My second pick was this BEAUTIFUL abstract print Plea of a Stowaway that I've been admiring for weeks since she created it. As you may/may not know, abstract art (along with ceramics) are my weak point and I actually started out in abstract art before deviating into portraits. Anyway... I love other artists abstract art and Kelly clearly has a natural talent for it so this print was a MUST.

My final choice was the hardest because I had to go through her shop and choose just one out of all of her gorgeous work. It took me days.

In the end I went for this watercolour moon, La Lune because it seemed to link in with my other choices and when I get them framed they can all sit together cohesively and tell a story of sorts.

Isn’t it pretty?? 

Another thing that really impressed me about Kelly’s prints was the quality of them. The paper is what you’d expect from any fine art print but what really stood out was the colour quality- the blacks are super DARK and rich. I really want to know who her supplier is because, wow, these are top-notch prints from £5 each!

Kelly also does commissions and pet portraits. She’s also one of the nicest bloggers and creatives you can meet on Twitter and I love reading her updates on her blog. It's so nice to find other creative bloggers, especially ones as talented as Kelly.

Anyway, thank you so much Kelly! I was so chuffed to win.  

Now I just need to figure out where the hell I’m going to hang them!