150 Artist Date ideas


150 Artist Date Ideas that will inspire and promote creativity

If you're looking for inspiration on how to take yourself out on an Artist Date look no further. Here are 150 ideas that you can try this week!

Artist Dates are an hour or two of time, once a week, dedicated purely to indulging and inspiring your creative self. Recommended throughout the creative community I first came across the concept of artist dates via Julia Cameron's The Artists Way and quickly gathered a list of ideas of things I could do during my weekly date with my inner artist. Since it can be tricky to think up a new activity each week i decided to share my list with whoever needs it.

Don't think you just have to to arty activities.. my inner creative is curious about all sorts of things, so feel free to add your own twist to the list. I also enjoy spending an artist date doing something practical, like tidying up or organising as that frequently sparks joy or indeed leads to inspirational discoveries. Once you've had a number of dates alone and can enjoy your own company, I think its nice to start having occasional group dates or inviting other people along to enhance the experience. I remember a very good trip to an art exhibition with a friend who was just as excited as I was and that was lovely. Do whatever your creative soul needs to enrich itself and have fun.

Top Tip: I've printed this list out and cut it into strips. I've put the strips into a jar and any time I'm bored or struggling to make a decision for my date I pick a date at random and make it happen. Sometimes it can be a hilarious challenge... Paddling pool in winter anyone? Memories are certainly made!

So, have a look and tell me what you'll be doing this week for your Artist Date... 

150 artist date ideas