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10 things I should probably talk more about on my blog

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10 things I should probably talk more about on my blog...

At this point in time you'd be forgiven in thinking I do very little else in life then draw or paint, (and to be honest, some days it feels like that), but if you read my previous blog post on how I feel like it's time I came out of my shell a little more and began sharing more of who I really am, you'll hopefully be open now to the idea there's a bit more to me then just that. In fact, there's quite a bit I don't talk about. So today I thought I'd open up and share 10 things that I get up to that I should probably talk about more. At least then you'll get to know who I am a bit better and where my blog, artwork and creative life may start to go in the future. Ready? I have a feeling I'm going to regret this 🙈

I'm a wife and a mother. 

I don't really hide the fact I have kids but I recognise that 'being a mum' comes with a lot of stereotyping and I can tell when someone judges me incorrectly for having a young family and a husband 'at MY age'. In the art industry you're surrounded by cool, edgy, progressive individuals and yup I have the school run. Yup I can't stay up all night schmoozing. But what I will say is that being a mother doesn't negate my creativity, intelligence, sexuality or relevance and if you've still got a problem with it, get lost. I'm not going to turn into a parenting blogger any time soon but I'm not going to pretend I'm something I'm not so strangers won't judge me. It's disrespectful to my children, and it's dishonest. Besides, I'm pregnant with baby 3 at the moment and it's not as if I can hide the fact- I'm huh-yuge! So y'kno deal with it.

Dita Von Teese is my power animal. 

I was an awkward teen- I had massively low self esteem which still haunts me, and as I grew into an hour glass figure I naturally gravitated towards more retro looks because they simply flattered my body so much the most other styles... I'm not an authentic vintage dresser but I do covet that red lipped, black eyeliner look of neo-pinup and it definitely impacts my artwork too. Burlesque and costume are also huge loves of mine: sequins, lace, velvet, rhinestones, tulle- and let's not forget corsets and lingerie. I'll save my Playboy stories for another day...

I have another business to run. 

Since the age of 21 I've been renovating and building houses with my husband. Yep. I'm an evil property developer and a landlord! Hide yo' pets. Hide yo' deposits. Honestly, we're not that bad. I spent most of my 20's working full time in various jobs including the film industry and then stripping wallpaper at the weekends. I'm less involved these days (as the stress drives me crazy) but you'll find that I move about a lot to really skanky houses, which I have to desperately try and turn into a family home so we can live there. In time we will finally move to a house that's a home, and not a project, but until then I rely heavily on the rules of Konmari and generally just make the best of it. You do what you've gotta do to pay your bills right?

I like free stuff. 

You will rarely find me on a sandy beach as I have this strange compulsion to collect sea glass and pottery and there is no treasure on a sandy beach. It's probably a genetic thing as I'm actually descended from a pirate anyway, but nothing gives me greater pleasure then finding something shiny and free on a stony beach. I have quite a collection now. Foraging for wild food or odd fungi is also an interest of mine because I'm a foodie and flavour fascinates me, especially weird ones that you can't find in the shops. The other day we found free samphire! What's not to like about that?!

I obviously make more then just paintings and drawings.

I sew, I craft, I build things, I write things... Not all of those are amazing successes but they all contribute to my creativity. For a new portrait I made costume props. I've bound paper into my own DIY sketchbooks. I try and sew my own skirts and would love to try and make a corset or a wig. I can knit. I can crochet. I've just started making friendship bracelets so I can teach my children. I'm slowly putting together a garden with a wild life pond and herb patch. All these things that I don't really talk about but add so much to the wider picture of what I do every day as a creative.

Good food and wine give me life.

Do not get between me and the Chateaubriand at Hawksmore- i'll get violent. Food is my core, my joy, my way of connecting with people and relaxing. I prefer eating to cooking but occasionally I will surprise myself and make something interesting. I will choose the cheese board over the pudding and I have no reservations about pigging out on a great big dirty burger. Wine tasting or a few glasses of Prosecco watching the sun set is my idea of bliss and in the past wine inspired my early abstract art experiments. I'm definitely not a food blogger, but the experience of eating may come up from time to time because some of the places I get to go to are just too much fun not to share.

I collect Perfume.

Penhaligons and Jo Malone are dangerous shops for me to be in because I just want everything. Perfume, much like wine, inspires my art, and I find it hard to say no to the elegance of well made fragrance. It's like they project an aura or character onto you. They fascinate me. I currently love Savoy Steam and Blackberry & Bay. Candles and wax melts are another serious weakness of mine and hell yeah I use them all.

I want to touch my toes.

Mainly because I've never been able to and I hope it will help me dance better! A girl needs to bump and grind. I'm working on it though... I can become more flexible and reach my toes after regular and consistent stretching, which is great, but I can never get into a routine or find a good reason to keep it up, it's so easy to forget about it. No gym selfies here though, promise.

I love my stationery.

I Bujo, I best-self journal, I do morning pages. I collect Kate Spade and have recently begun learning brush lettering. I find all those things SO useful to my creative world and they bring me so much joy. Nothing beats a new notebook or the moment a fountain pen settles into your hand. Organisation, planning and goal setting are also passions of mine. Plus they're pretty, and we like pretty things.

The icky stuff: mental health, politics and religion.

Even though this is a list about things I should talk about more, there are a few things I still probably won't bring up, and for very good reasons. Politics and Religion are just obviously inflammatory subjects so I avoid those for my own sanity. In regards to Mental Health maybe in the future I will share more about my experiences, but for now, it's a difficult subject and I'll only really discuss what worked for me and how it might help you. Because that's what really matters.

And there we have it. 10 things I will try and talk more about. What would be on your list?