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Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions!

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you can't find the answer to your question here. Otherwise, I hope its helpful!

What do you use to create/draw/paint/make....

If you're interested in any art materials I use and where I get them head over to my blog post on all my tools of the trade. I cover everything I used from paper to white ink so take a look and see if that answers your question. It's not an exhaustive list but definitely gives you a good idea what I use regularly to make my artwork.

Do you review Art Products or Art Books?

I do! Got something it mind that you'd like me to consider reviewing whether that's art materials, online courses, books on painting, drawing... a framing service or specialist equipment? Get in touch and i'll add it to my list of things I should review. Are you an art brand, manufacturer, writer, teacher or stockist? Check out my media enquiry section and see if we can collaborate!

Did you go to Art School?

What, like Goldsmiths? No. I have thought about it though, but it's just too expensive. I studied film at University which introduced me to Video Art and Contemporary Art and before that I did Graphic Design for GCSEs and Fine Art for A-Level, so I do have a little formal education in art but apart from that I'm entirely self taught.

How do you take your photos?

Most of the photos for my blog are taken just with my iPhone. I photograph my artwork for archiving and product photography with a mix of SLR (Canon 450d) and iPhone photography too. My speed drawings are 'filmed' on my SLR by using a timer and then editing all the images together into a video. I create print ready images with a mix of scanning, standard high resolution photography with the SLR and Adobe Photoshop merging/composite images.

Do you ship internationally?

I do! I'm based in the UK but I like to ship worldwide. Get in touch and I can sort out a quote for shipping. Please note that my framed artwork is glazed with Perspex and not glass for safety, weight & insurance reasons. However we can send artwork without glazing and you are free to get artwork re-glazed or reframed however you wish when the artwork is safely on your side of the ocean.

Why don't you ship artwork with glazing?

Nobody want to open their one-of-a-kind artwork and find it slashed to ribbons because the glass has shattered during shipping. Nor could i live with myself if one of my incredible, gorgeous clients hurt themselves because of it. Yes I could use glass safety tape but it still doesn't solve the issue of replacing broken glass and the potential of the safety tape failing anyway. Plus, glass is HEAVY compared to Perspex and I pass those shipping savings directly onto you. Once the artwork is in your beautiful hands you're more then welcome to reframe the artwork, but Perspex glazing these days is pretty fantastic...

Where do you find your frames?

I really enjoy sourcing the perfect frame for my artwork. I often repurpose photo frames from interior decoration stockists. Frames can simply come from supermarkets like Sainsburys, Asda or home furnishing places like John Lewis, Zara Home, IKEA... even charity shops get raided. No frame is left unturned. I might be bordering on 'collector' status when it comes to frames to be honest. On that note if you stock or make unusual and beautiful frames get in touch- I'd love to see your range.

How do I draw that?

Basically. Magic.

No, I'm just joking, check out my many tutorials, walk-through's and speed drawings. If you'd like to go one step further and invest in some one-to-one teaching with Yours Truly, I offer tuition either in person or via video. Look out for my upcoming eCourses too.

Do you do Certificates of Authenticity for your Original Artwork?

Yes, the majority of all original artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. If you require a certificate for work purchased in the past or a replacement due to a destroyed certificate, I am happy to provide you with one or a replacement once you have confirmed ownership of the artwork. Any previous certificates relating to that work become are null and void.

Oh No! I think someone has stolen you work/sharing it without credit. What should I do?

Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do, but thank you for letting me know. Get in touch via my contact page with URL details and screenshots of the problem, so I can start trying to rectify the issue myself. If you can, feel free to tag me or credit me anyway you can in the content/post/tweet to make the person aware the work is copyright to Lianne Williams. These are often delicate scenarios which can get messy so please do not threaten, attack or provoke the individual in anyway as it could be an honest mistake and you are still liable for your own behaviour and actions. This could potentially become a legal battle. You are not obliged to get involved but your assistance is appreciated.

What inspires you?

Right. Are you read for this? It's a wide spectrum... but... starting with: patterns and texture in nature all the way through to abstract art, character design, theatrical and stage costuming, cosmetics, fashion, sexuality, gender, feminism, collections, anatomy and curiosity cabinets, magic, myth and folklore, perfumes, wine tasting, fungi, flora, fauna, gemstones. Science and chemistry. The night sky. Pinup art. Burlesque, hooping, fire dancing, aerial dancing. Miniature art. History and specifically social history. Pagan and tribal religions. Crafts.

Who are your favourite artists?

Wendy Ortiz, Bec Winnel, Gerhard Richter, Brian Froud, Shirley Trevena, Ann Blockley, Maly Siri, 

Can you look at my artwork?

I would absolutely love to but unfortunately I no longer have the time to look at other peoples artwork, BUT if you'd really like my feedback let's book a meeting in and review your work professionally! I'm delighted to offer my critique or consultation services to all levels of experience and you're guaranteed one to one attention and personalised support. Get in touch!

I can't afford your artwork/services. What can I do?

I offer payment plans! Select the artwork or services you wish purchase and I will reserve the artwork or a place for you in my calendar after the initial payment instalment has been made. Once you have paid of your balance I can ship the artwork/begin your service. How cool is that? For further details, get in touch and i'll explain it in full glorious detail.

Could you work for free/work for charity/work for no money up front?

In short, no. I will consider a handful of charity projects each year but I generally approach THEM first and I ONLY support charities I personally care about. I will also consider commercial projects with delayed payment plans but a) only with an upfront deposit paid and b) with a clear commercial art contract in place. Please consider this before contacting me.

Can you draw Me/One Direction/Lady Gaga/my dog/my baby?

Yes, of course I can! I LOVE commissions! Head over to my commissions section and fill in my enquiry form with all the details I need to know about your project. If I have a time slot available, and your project excites me, I will get in touch very shortly with a quote and we can go from there. Thank you for supporting my Artwork.