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  • Commissions require a non-refundable 50% deposit to book. This deposit confirms your place in my schedule and we can begin the process of creating what you want.

  • The remaining 50% is paid when the work is completed and you are happy with it and before shipping.

  • Commissions will ONLY be shipped once the outstanding balance has been paid.

  • UK shipping is free. International shipping can be estimated at the time of booking but the actual cost will only be quoted once the artwork is packaged and ready to ship. This will be added to your final balance. Please see the Delivery section for further information.

  • Commissions are a personalised service and are therefore non-returnable or refundable. By booking you agree to this. Once the work is completed and the commission is ready to be delivered clients have a final opportunity to make any alterations and confirm they are happy with the work before shipping. If the work is unsatisfactory at this stage i am happy to make any requested alterations or you may decline to pay the outstanding monies and cancel your commission, but i retain the deposit, as agreed, and the artwork remains my property and i may do with it as i wish. 

  • Clients will be sent regular and detailed photographs and explanations of progress. Progress may be published online over social networking so please confirm if you do not wish me to do that. Clients are welcome to come view the work in person if they wish.

  • Commissioned Artwork comes UNFRAMED. I can provide detailed dimensions to allow you to purchase frames before the artwork arrives or i can provide a framing service at extra cost.

  • I retain the copyright to any artwork i create for you and that artwork may feature in promotional material for my business.

  • Any photo references you provide me must be your own or you have copyright or permission to use. I may ask for this. 

  • Please ensure photos are of the highest possible quality. I require high resolution (as much detail as possible), they must be in focus, and digital files are preferred. Please scan any photo prints and send those as a digital file instead. I will decline to work on any commissions that provide poor reference. I am able to travel to take my own photos and can quote you the cost of travel expenses which must be paid for at the time of booking along with the deposit.

  • My artwork may not be resold or altered in anyway other then in the process of mounting and framing or restoration/repair. My artwork must retain is original signature and this must be visible when displayed. 

  • Clients are required to be actively involved during the commission process so they can share their requirements. Please respond to messages and emails promptly as i can only proceed at certain stages with your cooperation and this may cause delays. Not responding to correspondence may result in me cancelling the contract.

  • I am happy to do all i can to meet your needs within certain limitations. Please remember i am working in my own style and i will not copy or emulate others. I am a skilled professional and will do things to the best of my knowledge and ability.

  • Artwork is a work in progress and can change a LOT through its creation so please show patience in the early stages if you think work looks unfinished. I do NOT send artwork until you are 100% happy with it.

  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions at any time, and also i may establish waiting lists and delay orders a busy times of year. Commissions are based on First Come, First Served ONLY. 

  • Your commission is of utmost priority and i will do everything in my power to get it done on time but if due to unforseen circumstances and i am unable to complete the commission in time, or at all, i will offer a full refund.

  • If clients become abusive, or act in a way that breaks my trust, or stop responding to correspondence after a reasonable period of time, i will end the commission contract without warning and retain any monies paid. If required i will take legal action or report you to the police. I retain the right to decline commissions at any time.

  • I am yet to have a problem with a client but if you do have any concerns feel free to contact me directly at

  • I have many happy clients willing to give feedback testimonials on their experiences with me. If you wish to share your thoughts on my commission for you please let me know and ill be happy to pass on your comments.