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Your Guide to The Artist's Way

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The artists way online

Have you ever wanted to do Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way online?

Couldn't find a local facilitator or creative cluster group near to you?

Struggled to keep momentum going when you started and just wanted a little more support?


your guide to the artist's way

Well, I have some super big exciting news. (The post contains affiliate links) 

I've finally launched my FREE 12 week online guide to The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Yes! I'm inviting you to do the course together with me, online! 

My email guide takes you through every week of The Artist's Way and is designed to help keep you focused and supported.

After signing up to my guide you will receive:

the artist's way worksheets
  • 12 weeks of prompts and checklists on what readings, tasks and activities you need to complete that week emailed straight to your inbox. It's a great way to keep on track.
  • Printable exclusive worksheets designed by me for each weeks tasks and questions giving you appropriate spaces to answer Julia's challenges. 
  • A printable contract and completion certificate. Because this should be celebrated.
  • Guidance and personal insight from my own decade of artistic adventures and experiences through The Artist's Way
  • Other suggested readings and resources to enhance your learning.
  • Membership to my Artist's Resource Library where you'll find bonus content and all your worksheets ready to download today.
  • Subscription to my art and creativity newsletter.

Who is this for?

  • Everyone is welcome. You can be completely non-creative and a complete beginner at everything or an established professional.
  • People who have a copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and are ready to change their creative lives. Purchase your copy below. You must have a copy of The Artist's Way to benefit from this guide.
  • All artistic and creative disciplines are welcome whether your interest is drawing, painting, singing, writing, acting, playing musical instruments, gardening, cooking, sewing, woodwork, photography, designing, knitting, dancing, styling… you name it.
  • People who need that extra bit of support and encouragement to help them through The Artist's Way…
  • Anyone who struggles to stay focused and needs extra prompting or reminding…
  • If you’ve attempted The Artist's Way and failed or given up…
  • If you’re finding The Artist's Way particularly hard and need to ask questions…
  • If you’re repeating The Artist's Way and want to see things from another perspective…

 Who is this NOT for?

  • Anyone who doesn’t have a copy of the text. You will need the book to participate in this course.
  • If you feel intimidated by time constraints.
  • If you intend to do The Artists Way over a much longer time period.
  • If you don't have regular access to an email account or printer.

What do you need to benefit the most from this course?

As well as being curious, open minded and committed, participants will require an email account, access to a printer, a copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (I will be using the 10th Anniversary edition) and a letter sized (A4) notebook and pen.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the button below and follow the instructions. Please make sure you retain a note of your password for the Resource Library once you're subscribed. You'll receive your first email immediately. If that doesn't happen please check your junk folder and add my email address to your contact list.

Can I ask you a question?

Absolutely. Email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the course. Otherwise, I hope to see you in the creative cluster group soon!

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This course is not affiliated with The Artist's Way or Julia Cameron in any way. The Online Guide has been created in respect of the Creative Clusters guidelines as specified in The Artist's Way with the intention it will aid and support individuals attempting the course. It is not a copy of The Artist's Way. Copyright is respective to its rightful owners.